DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum Float Kit with Green and Red colored 3d printed soft floats.

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Current kits have Red and Green colored floats and come with the new rear mounts.
Instructions can be downloaed here:

NOTE: These are handmade, 3D-printed parts. They may have cosmetic imperfections, which will not affect their performance.

  • 3D printed Soft floats that can be squished to less than 50% of their normal size for transport storage.

The floats include the hardware required to mount them to the brackets.

Mavic Pro Float Kit with squishy floats

You can download a copy of the instructions here for free:

I have been looking for a good way to launch my Mavic Pro from my sit on top Kayak, when at a Central Florida Mavic Facebook group meet up I saw a Mavic on floats. It worked okay, however I didn’t like the way the floats were mounted, and that it didn't sit or take off level from the water. So, I set out designing my own mounts which I printed on my 3d printer.
Besides water this kit is great for soft terrain like sand, snow, grass,....


  • Why 4 spheres instead of 2 aerodynamic floats like an airplane uses.
    • Four spheres spread out in the water will handle waves better than 2 floats
    • Floats used on airplanes are hydrodynamic designed with a step to help the airplane get up to speed for takeoff and spray guards to prevent water from splashing into the prop while the plane is operating as a boat. Mavics take off and land straight up and down. They do not need a hydrodynamic float to reach take off speed
  • Doesn’t this kit defeat the portability?
    • The whole float kit can be installed or uninstalled in less than a minute. Take it leave it your choice when you head out to fly. Mavic still portable when needed and you can bring a second bag if you feel the need to bring the float kit with you.
    • The 3d printed soft squishy floats can squeeze to less than half there normal size for transporting.
  • How much of the float gets in the camera view?
    • Only with the camera pointed straight down under very hard left or right direction change the edges of the floats appear in the edges of the frame for a moment. Flying in Tripod mode or similar like you would trying to get smooth footage the floats never appear in the frame.

    Included in the kit:
    · 4 threaded mounting studs
    ·2 of Rear Mounts one left, one right with velcro straps
    · 1of Rear Sliding Mount/Latch (slipped into the rear mount)
    · 2of Front Mounts
    · 2of Flexible Retention Bands for the front mounts
    · 4 soft squishy 3d printed floats
  • NOTE: These are handmade 3D printedparts. They may have cosmetic imperfections, which will notaffect their performance. Installation1. Withthe arms extended, lay your Mavic on its back2. Withthe slip mount pulled out about 10mm, carefully press tab on the fixed end intothe slot in the Mavic rear landing skid.

    With the word FRONT facing the direction the Mavics camera points carefully Slide a front mount onto the Mavic’s front landing leg keeping the Flexible Retention-Band near the top. The nut should be angled out and to the front of the drone.If it is angled back remove it and put it on the other side.
    a. Checkthe window near the base of the mount to make sure it is seated fully on theMavics landing leg.

    NOTE: The nuts on the mounts should beangled slightly forward to provide better water stability. b. Repeat for other front mount.5. Insertthe screws into the predrilled holes on the Styrofoam balls. Push it in untilthe head is flush with the outside of the ball.

    Caution: Do not over tighten. Remove floats from brackets for storage or transportation. They should only be bolted to the brackets when you are flying the drone with them. Check the tightness of the floats at the beginning of each flight, including battery changes.
  • Caution:Although this product has been designed around successfully flying on and off very calm water, we cannot guarantee your Mavic will not receive water damage if you attempt to fly it on or off the water.
  • Warning:There are too many variables we cannot control, including, but not limited to,the calmness of the water, installation of floats, how hard the Mavic lands,etc.
    We are not responsible for any damage to your Mavic.
    Use at your own risk!
    Forsupport or to get replacement parts visit:
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