DJI Mavic Pro 2 II and Mavic Enterprise

With the announcement of DJI’s “See the Bigger Picture” last month, followed by the recent DJI announcement of the postponement of the “See the Bigger Picture” event. Rumors have been abounding. Most of my circle are excited hoping for a Mavic Pro 2. So you can imagine our excitement of the leaked Mavic Pro 2 picture last week.

It looks like it has a swappable gimbal which not only could allow for different cameras to be mounted, but also from the pic I am led to believe that I can put this gimbal/camera on a hand held device making it a steady cam like the OSMO series (I love my OSMOs), and with the hint of a little truck/dolly vehicle in the background maybe install the gimbal/camera on a ground vehicle. A ground vehicle, with GPS, OA sensors could be programmed to do some very cool automated truck/dolly shots.
I get this is not for everyone, but for me it’s great. I often take pictures with my DSLR, or shoot video with my OSMO, and having ran my drone fast near the ground, or water to simulate a vehicle cruising along. I hope it’s an option.
The picture shows a beefier gimbal, and a different camera. Should be safe to assume it’s a better camera than The Mavic Pro/Mavic Air. Nice Air Scoops on the sides behind the gimbal. And what looks like sensors on the sides behind the battery for Obstacle Avoidance (OA). The motors look bigger as well.

So I’m all excited about the Mavic 2 and the next leaked pics are of the Mavic Enterprise…. Could it be “See the Bigger Picture” will have the release of 2 Mavics?!…. How will I ever afford both!… and all the accessories?!

The Mavic Enterprise looks to me like it’s the same as the Mavic 2 photo above just with a hard mounting point on its top in front of the battery. It looks designed to be used for commercial with it’s obvious swappable top load accessories. The first picture here looks to me like a Strobe light, which would be very useful flying near airports and at night. Not sure how the strobe would affect any video/pics.

This looks like a speaker, or maybe a light. I read that someone speculated it could be some sort of sonar or infrared sensor… guess we will find out soon enough.
I would love to see a 360 camera on the drone. This modular mounting system has endless possibilities.

Like the Mavic pro 2 picture above it clearly has bigger more powerful motors, which for a guy like me that likes to add things like float kits to his drones for water oops this is really great news. The Mavic Pro did great with a float kit however the lethargic motors on the Mavic Air just couldn’t perform with the added parts which no matter how light I made them struggled with float kits, especially in the wind. As for other features it is clear that the Camera Gimbal is much beefier than the current Mavic pro. I have never had an issue with mine in the nearly 2 years I have been flying it but I have heard people complain about how flimsy it appears.
The camera looks bigger, but I’m not sure if it is big enough to house the 1 inch sensor we have been hoping for. Since it looks basically the same as the Mavic Pro 2 picture above I’m guessing the gimbal is designed to be detachable and this different looking camera is one of the camera options you can have on ether the Mavic 2 or Mavic Enterprise. Like the Mavic 2 Picture above it looks like nice big air vents on the sides behind the gimbal . We can’t really tell from the picture, but it looks to me that it has sensors on the sides behind the battery like the Mavic 2 picture. I think everyone is wanting side, and rear obstacle avoidance (OA).

Excited for some release dates, and it’s looking like I need to make some more money.

Till next time have fun and fly safe,


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