Mike Flys

Professional DRONE OPERATOR. As an FAA-licensed Drone Pilot, I can take aerial photos or videos of your house, your car or boat or even your motorcycle event. But I’m not limited to the sky. I can do a whole array of ground based photos/video and pretty much any combination you need. I even have access to other pilots/photographers to bring on the job if its too big for one man.

I’m based in Mount Dora, in Central Florida, and I’m willing to travel to where you need me. Drop me a line and let me know what you need.

CUSTOM PARTS FOR YOUR DRONE OR CAMERA. I can design and 3D print custom parts for your drone, camera, telescope and more. Like the float kit I designed for the DJI Mavic Pro.

I have DECADES OF EXPERIENCE. Along with being an FAA licensed Drone Pilot, I’m a certificated Airplane/Seaplane Pilot with nearly 20 years’ experience of flying RC Helicopters. I also have more than 20 years’ experience shooting video and taking pictures. I have been designing, building and fabricating since I was a kid. I have designed, built and flown several model aircraft including drones, race motorcycles and off-road trucks to mention a few of my projects. I have an FAA Repairman certificate, have worked on and helped build full-size aircraft. With my 3D printers, I can design and make almost anything from custom drone parts, camera mounts, to holsters, wallets, even custom key fobs. I can provide you with the plans, a print file, or even a single or limited-production run.

A JOB DONE RIGHT… AND LEGALLY. Call me at (702) 283-3781 or message me here to discuss your project.